Eternal Discovery

Down into the rabbit hole....


Our adventurers start this session staring down into the dark hole they found under a loose rock in the courtyard, there is a rope ladder desending into the darkness

Our group moves down into the hole to find a trio of Goblins on guard. After a decent fight, the Goblins are all dispatched. A search of the room reveals a magical stepping disk that teleports you into a white limbo when stepped upon. After investigating the disk and the room, the group moves on to the next room.

In the next area, the heros are faced with rotting Zombies from one side and more Goblins on the other. The adventurers quickly block the path of the slower Zombies, cutting them down as they are funneled into the hallway. The group then turns to the Goblin threat and fights them back into the room where they came from, slaying them after some nice melee work. In the room is a large statue of an ogre like creature with a stash of treasure at the base. The adventurers take a good look around and find nothing more, decide to move to the next area.

They walk down the hallway and open the unlocked door to the next area. The doors open up to reveal a Goblin Hexer and large Hobgoblin Archer guarding a staircase and ready for a fight….


Airic Airic

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