Eternal Discovery

A little deeper into the rabbit hole....


This session starts with our adventurers walking through the doors to the third area of the barrow. As they walk in they see a Goblin Hexer and Hobgoblin Archer across the room

Fresh from the previous fight our adventurers spring back into action. Sticking to tactics that have not failed them so far, Roque Ja and Aaliyah charge at the two opponents, while Leif and Rhianna circle the flank. The two Goblins strike hard at the paladin and warlord, causing them to use healing powers. A third Goblin appears behind the group, on a familiar looking stone disk set into the ground. The Goblin warrior hurls a javelin at Leif, narrowly missing him. With Roque Ja and Aaliyah fully engaged, Leif and Rhianna focus thier efforts on the flanking warrior. Thier combined attacks force the Goblin to flee back to the stone, leaving nothing but a bloody trail to the point where he disappeared.

Focused attacks on the larger Hobgoblin by the paladin and warlord have it cleaved and bloodied. Rhianna finished the creature off by hurling a acidic orb into its chest. With its two allies gone, the Hexer retreats and cowers against the back wall of the room. The adventurers approach cautiously and disarm/tie up the Goblin. After a short interrogation they have a little more information about what is waiting for them down the stairs. The group searches the room and the Goblins sleeping quarters, finding some nice gear to help them along the way. The heros decide to return to Loudwater and turn the Goblin in to the town patrol, resting and restocking along the way.

The next day the group heads out. Arriving back at the barrow, they find that every room is still deserted. They make their way deeper into the barrow, coming to a circular burial chamber full of ancient dwarf bones. They descend the stairs that winds down the circular chamber until they come to a small chamber at the bottom that looks like it was meant for an important person. Across the chamber, standing on a large stone sarcophagous, is a Goblin holding a large skull topped rod. Dressed in red leather robes and face paintings, this Goblins hops around wildly while questioning why the adventurers are there.

He didnt know that the group had been interrogating his minons, and found out his name and power.

Leif steps forward with only one question: are you High Shaman Sancossug?
The Shaman screams back at him: Yes!
Leif, deciding he is tired of talking to Goblins, raises his bow and fires an arrow at the Shaman. After pinning him on top of the sarcophagous with a smart use of powers and melee charge, the Goblin unleashes a series of mighty spells. The whole group is bruised and battered but overcome the Shaman. Aaliyah kills it with her divinely charged longsword.

With the Shamans magical totems in hand, the adventurers head back to town to claim a reward.

[The PC’s gain level 2]

Down into the rabbit hole....


Our adventurers start this session staring down into the dark hole they found under a loose rock in the courtyard, there is a rope ladder desending into the darkness

Our group moves down into the hole to find a trio of Goblins on guard. After a decent fight, the Goblins are all dispatched. A search of the room reveals a magical stepping disk that teleports you into a white limbo when stepped upon. After investigating the disk and the room, the group moves on to the next room.

In the next area, the heros are faced with rotting Zombies from one side and more Goblins on the other. The adventurers quickly block the path of the slower Zombies, cutting them down as they are funneled into the hallway. The group then turns to the Goblin threat and fights them back into the room where they came from, slaying them after some nice melee work. In the room is a large statue of an ogre like creature with a stash of treasure at the base. The adventurers take a good look around and find nothing more, decide to move to the next area.

They walk down the hallway and open the unlocked door to the next area. The doors open up to reveal a Goblin Hexer and large Hobgoblin Archer guarding a staircase and ready for a fight….

A legend begins with a story.....

Our adventurers start this campaign in the region of The Grey Vale, town of Loudwater. While browsing for goods in the market place, the south wall explodes and Goblin raiders attack. The heros are succsessful at defeating the large band of Goblins before they reach thier objective; Garwan’s Curiousities. After an interrogation of one of the Goblins (Roque Ja knocked him out) and talking to Garwan and Lady Moonfire, the adventurers gain a quest to seek out and destroy the rest of the Goblin threat, and find out more about the “Ogre King”.


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